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Endor AG: Investor process is being held without prejudging the outcome; no decision made on capital increase; statement on press releases from outside the company

Landshut, April 26, 2024 – With regard to press releases from outside the company about the organization of fresh capital and liquidity by majority shareholder Thomas Jackermeier, Endor AG points out the following: The investor process for recapitalization is being held without prejudging the outcome. The Management Board currently expects a liquidity requirement of approximately EUR 25 million by October 2024. Endor AG is in ongoing discussions with several investor groups to cover this liquidity requirement; This also includes investors who are working on an offer together with the majority shareholder, Mr. Jackermeier. Depending on the investors’ offers, various options are still being examined and evaluated by the company. The injection of equity capital through capital increases is an option, as is investor entry with instruments in accordance with the law on the stabilization and restructuring framework for companies (StaRUG). The board of directors has not passed a resolution on a capital increase, so shareholders cannot currently subscribe to new shares and there are no subscriptions for shares. Endor AG continues to adhere to the revenues and earnings forecast communicated on February 2, 2024.


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