FAQs about the Company

The company was formed in October 1997 as Endor Handels GmbH. Endor AG, into which Endor Handels GmbH was merged, was formed in 1999. It was entered into the Commercial Register on 2 March 2000.

Endor AG develops and markets high-quality input devices such as high-end steering wheels and pedals for racing simulations on gaming consoles and PCs. The company sells its products via e-commerce, primarily to end customers in Europe, US, Canada, Australia and Japan, under the FANATEC brand name. Endor also sells driving school simulators in cooperation with Vogel Verlag.

Endor thinks of itself as a “brain factory” and is focused on the creative side of the business. Product development and prototype construction is conducted by Endor on its own and in conjunction with specialized technology partners, primarily in Germany (“Germaneering”), while its products are manufactured primarily in Asia.

Endor AG had 78 employees at the end of 2019 and a total of 114 people were working for Endor all over the world, including freelance employees.

Endor’s most important competitor is Guillemot, which sells its products under the “Thrustmaster” brand name. Logitech is also a competitor of Endor. Logitech is also a competitor of Endor. Endor is the market leader in high-end equipment for racing simulators.

Endor’s opportunities for long-term growth are excellent. Future growth will be based on multiple pillars: we expect strong growth in the high-end segment, where our market share is nearly 100%. High-end input devices for racing simulations currently account for well below 1% of the overall market. The “e-sports” segment will also be a strong growth driver for our business and Endor’s regional expansion should help the company grow at a strong pace in the coming years as well.

Endor prepares its consolidated financial statements in accordance with the rules of the German Commercial Code.

Endor AG’s financial year is the calendar year.

FAQs about Endor shares

Endor’s capital stock is divided into 1,937,198 no-par-value bearer shares. All of Endor’s shares are common shares.

The WKN is 549166. The ISIN is DE0005491666.

Endor went public on 27 June 2006. Its shares are traded over the counter at the Munich Stock Exchange and in the Stuttgart and Hamburg Stock Exchanges as well.

Shares cannot be purchased from or sold to Endor directly. Please go through your depositary or house bank.

Around 44% of shares are held by company founder and CEO Thomas Jackermeier. Around 6% of shares are held by members of Endor’s Supervisory Board. Management Board member András Semsey holds about 3% of shares. The remaining 47% of Endor’s shares are in free float.

Endor shares are no-par-value bearer shares. All shares of Endor are common shares.

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